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Guyanese Outreach (GO) invites you to join with us in our Mission to Guyana.

GO's emphasis is on education which includes a Functional Literacy Program for primary school students, reading classes for adults, computer/math programs and more. The children of Guyana are our future and Jesus loves the little children.

GO also sends mission teams each year to Guyana to work with different churches on Evangelism.

With both our actions and our love, we express the Biblical challenge to "GO therefore and teach all nations."

To learn more about our NGO, visit our About Us page.

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Guyanese Outreach Food Basket Program  

COVID-19 continues to devastate the people of Guyana. As the economy struggles to adjust to changing regulations and guidelines, the families in the smaller villages and communities feel the effects the most. GO started serving the Food Baskets at No. 71 and 72 Villages on July 6, 2020, and has since extended to other communities as the need is very great. For the Christmas holidays, food baskets were extended to 140 families, in addition to that, we distributed 20 Food Hampers donated by the Govrnment of zGuyana (GOG). By March 2, 2021, the total number of food baskets that will have served is 2,488.

Our Food Basket Program allows us to provide needed proteins and staples to 140 families. The baskets contain enough ingredients to provide each family with the essentials for proper nutrition for two weeks.


A single mother and her four children are one of the 140 families
that rely on the GO Food Basket Program for their food during
the COVID-19 restrictions.


One member from each family visits Guyanese Outreach
every two weeks to receive the Food Basket for their family.

Our eligibility guidelines and verification programs help us find the truly poorest of the poor from our local villages.  

We are asking for your help to continue providing these families with the essentials they need. Please be assured that ALL of your donation goes to purchase the food. None of this donation goes to overhead, administrative costs, salaries or the like. Our current budget covers these operational costs.

Just click on the Donate button below, and be sure to select the "Food Basket" designation in the "Use this donation for..." button, just above the donation amount you enter. You can even make you donation a reoccuring gift on a monthly schedule is you wish to.

For additional information about Guyanese Outreach in general or our Food Basket Program, please contact us at ruth@guyaneseoutreach.org or phone us at 763-755-6847.

GO is a tax-exempt and approved 501 (c)(3) charitable organization. Please pray and seek our Lord as you continue to help us serve in the mission field.




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