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About Us

Our History
The Lord gave Ruth Singh the vision to go to Guyana as early as 1977, but it wasn't until 1994 that the mission began. Guyanese Outreach (GO) started by meeting the physical needs of the people by sending aid from America to Guyana. In 1995, GO sent 2 forty-foot sea containers full of aid including medicine, medical equipment, Infant incubators, EKG machines, food, clothing and more.

GO believes that if a man is hungry he should be fed but that if you teach a man to fish you feed him for a lifetime. Ruth and her sons knew they were not only going to bring the Gospel, but also to teach the people how to "fish". We believed that once the physical needs were met, the spiritual needs would follow.

Beginning 1994, GO started to focus on teaching skills. We started by teaching sewing to women underneath houses. In 1994, GO renovated a building where computer, sewing/crafts were taught helping people with job skills. We also realized illiteracy was very high throughout the country. In 2003, GO started the first literacy program in Guyana. The government recognizes that GO�s curriculum is supplemental for the primary schools. GO sees the value of education and evangelism working hand in hand.

The community trusts GO as we do not teach Christianity in the school, but GO helps the churches, such as Emmanuel Lutheran Church, to do our evangelism. Mission teams are interested in helping with evangelism and our literacy program. Several teams have gone to Guyana to teach abstinence, Alpha, and VBS. It is our hope and prayer that through the team's effort, we can build a solid foundation for evangelism through Emmanuel Lutheran and other churches.

Our Missions Partnership
In 2011, Pastor Dave Shockey and Pastor Blair Fields, along with team members, made their first trip to Guyana. Due to our wonderful partnership, we had a missionary who spent a year working with Emmanuel Lutheran Church.

Our Mission Statement
The Mission of Guyanese Outreach is to support the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Guyana, South America. Our vision is to work with the Guyanese people to strengthen value and enhance their own culture by assisting them to meet spiritual and physical needs. Our focus is to assist pastors, provide education, develop job skills and training, and send humanitarian aid.









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